The Beginning


Happy Fathers day to all the dad’s, to-be dad’s, wannabe dad’s and dad’s of fur kids out there.

Fathers day was over the weekend here and its kind of fitting that I have started this blog at the same time as its my dad who helped me onto this road of self discovery and personal development.

My dad was a kind and gracious person who loved music and gardening and was extremely proud of his children’s accomplishments throughout their life.


Three years ago I was living on the other side of Australia and had done for 15 years. Dad called one night, If dad was calling you knew it wasn’t good news, He was quick and blunt on the phone “I have cancer” with hearing those words my knees gave out from under me. This was the beginning of my life flip turning upside down and not in a good Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kind of way.


Within months of Dad’s diagnoses I had moved back home to the other side of Australia  (quick google a map of Australia…See the little island at the bottom, that’s were I lived and see the really top pointy bit that’s where I am now). James (my husband) and I were battling our own demons at the time as James had a serious fall in the Autumn of that year and had done some pretty serious damage to his ankle. We had found out weeks before that he was going to need surgery that would take 3 years due to waiting lists and he was unable to work until then.

Within months of that phone call I moved to be with my family to give them the support they needed and James moved up a couple of months latter.

Dad battled for 20 months with cancer and passed away last year which was the beginning of the worst year of my existence. During that year several other people I knew also passed away, James was recovering from surgery and had also gotten employment again but needed to study away for three months.

Needless to say I hit rock bottom last year and came extremely close to having a physical and mental breakdown. I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and a couple other things and my blood pressure sky rocketed until I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen.

With help my life got back on track and I thought it was going smoothly until around 3 months ago James loving said that he didn’t think I was coping again. The funny thing is I never see myself starting to spiral out of control and I am always grateful that I have a partner that cares enough about me, that wants the best for me and will help me in ways I cant help myself.


I called to make an appointment but the only time I could see the Dr was at the end of the month. James and I decided that I would journal my thoughts and my low days for the month and take this with me to the appointment to seek answers.

I started goggling ways to journal this and I came across this post talking about having a level 10 life. I was interested to say the least. What is a level 10 life?  How do I get to have one? This lead me to purchasing The Miracle Morning.


Now I didn’t read back then, well I did but a book would take me 6 to 12 months to read. I thought that I was just far to busy to read. But I read this 200-ish page book in 3 days! This book made me realize that I was thirsty for more knowledge on how to become a better person. I was fascinated with the S.A.V.E.R.S (which I will explain in more detail in another post) and waking up early to get a head start on your day and be in control of the day. The next morning I woke early at 5 am read, wrote, exercised, meditated and bought the next book on how to rock my work day in sales.

Since then I have had the best three months at work I have ever had, completely doubling what my sales target was set at. I am reading as much as I can, giving up computer games and movies so I can find out more information and start implementing it, James says I am actually laughing again and me and the kids are loving our 5 am walks!!!


One day I was in my car driving to my next appointment and talking to Dad, something I do regularly, informing him on the latest podcast I had listen to when i got the idea to start this blog.

I firmly believe it was Dad showing me my next step to help other people in the same situation as myself. I am not qualified to give advice but these are the things that I have implemented and have helped me and I also hope that it helps you.

So here I am writing this post at 4 am with a huge smile on my face remembering all the good things about my dad and knowing that if I can reach rock bottom only to rise stronger on the other side I am confidant you can as well.




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